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Company Autocobestproduct in its production area has three production plants

- Factory of friction products (brake linings for trucks and busses, disc brake pads for passenger and commercial vehicles, friction tape rolls ...)
- Gasket factory (gasket for commercial vehicles and passenger cars, seals for the chemical industry ...)
- Textile Factory (packings  as a heating insulation and sealing, tape and cloth as  thermal protection ...)

Business management company Autocobestproduct making efforts, particularly in the last three years, to become a modern and dynamic company, that they be proud of not only employees but also the social comunity.
We are proud of their long experience in the production and marketing of its products in domestic and foreign markets.
A wide range of products in its three manufacturing plants continually modernize.
Its business and  the quality of products we  improve in accordance with the standards by European standards, with  intent to price / quality ratio of their products become a leader in the markets where we are present.